Sadon Reeve



You were born on the sea.

At puberty you gained your heritage – Bound to the Nereids.

Generations ago your seafaring ancestors promised a child from every generation in return for powers over water. With gestures and thought you cause waters to rise around you as armor or form icy blades to cut down your foes. You can send waves to swamp an enemies ship or icy shards to tear apart their sails. You cannot create water but use what you have around you.

The power comes at a cost – each night as you sleep your soul is taken to the sea nymph’s home or their pleasure. For eight hours or until sunrise, you cannot be woken save for a verse known only by your trusted first mate. But beware, the nereids do not appreciate your time with them taken away.

Rules details:
Manipulating water up to long range is a free action. Beyond that, it costs an action (or more). Beyond long range to 1 mile is -6. Effects to the horizon are -8.


Sadon Reeve

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