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Admiral Henry “Red Cutlass” Every, King of the Uncharted fifteenth of the line, is near the end of his reign. He gathered his bravest and most prosperous captains around him and announced how he would determine his successor: the captain and crew who find the treasures of the Butcher King earn the Flotsam Crown.

Peter Easton aka the Butcher King and the Mad Chirurgeon was the King of the Uncharted 13th of the line. Where other captains were known for their cruelty, Peter Easton was known for his bookish ways. Talented in dark sorcery, he used his abilities to rise in the ranks until taking the crown for himself. Once King, he performed experiments on innumerable prisoners exploring the possibilities of eternal health and life. As he grew older, his memory began to fail. Fearing any written word may be stolen by his enemies, he created ever increasingly complex methods to prompt his memory. Finally, when his obsessions blinded him to his duties, his captains overthrew and slew him. Many of his treasures remain hidden with only undecipherable clues as to their locations.

The treasure you seek is rumored to contain a set of tomes detailing the Mad Chirurgeon’s knowledge and accomplishments in his failed search for immortality. Your King is willing to retire and trade his crown for these books.

Two years are gone and your pirate captain opponents dwindle. The Sea’s Doom captained by Brett Bloodcake stowed his sails unwilling to further risk his life. The Bloody Lie captained by Smilin’ Bernice Straw sank with her captain hanging from a prow. The Drunken Rovers captained by Miranda “Ivory Bones” Morgan taken with her crew imprisoned and Ivory Bones herself rotting in a cell. The Sapphire Tear captained by Durwin “the Devil” Zelgiu captured. A single vessel responsible for these losses: Her Majesty’s Grand Sun captained by the infamous Hoyt Hagerty and his Sun’s Guard.

Your ship holds two of the three pieces of the map: an oil lamp with the clues carved into the glass seen only in the shadows and light cast against a surface and a set of tea china when brewed and drank in a chadao tea ceremony reveals a story set on the tea cups, saucers and tea pot. You do not know the location of the third piece of the map, but agents send report of a man on the Isle of Serpents in the town of Skulker’s Wreathe who speaks of things he should not know and holds items once belonging to the Butcher King.

As we begin, the Anointed Swine is nearing Falls Harbor.

One-shot 1

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